Help needed for IIS Security and multiple ServiceControl instances

Hey all,

Could you please help me us with following problem:

  • we have 1 server with servicepulse installed
  • on that server, we have multiple instances of ServiceControl running (to cover various different functions)

What are we looking for:

  • implement (windows) security -> restrict access to monitoring for most user groups
    (* allow general monitoring for all users / disallow message manipulations for most users)

What we already tried:

After fiddling around, we cannot get it working again.
Strange, after not having to play with IIS for several years, I still feel the same desperation :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Any help/tips is more than welcome!

Kind regards, stay healthy,


Hi Jan,

We don’t really fully support role-based security, so all this is kind of YMMV.

But if you’re trying to get reverse proxies for multiple ServiceControls, you’ll have to create multiple api directories (api-env1, api-env2, etc.) and do the reverse proxy for each of them to the correct ServiceControl instance.

Does that help?