How to monitor multiple error queues?

Hi there,

We are using SQL Transport for our project. Currently thinking about multi-schema and multi-catalog options which explained here. Once multi-schema or multi-catalog options are used, I understand that multiple error queues will be created either per schema or per catalog. Is there a way to monitor multiple error queues in Service Control monitoring tool?


Hi @doganak

I am glad that you ask. While it is not possible to bind multiple queues to ServiceControl (other than audit ones), it is possible configure endpoints to send their error, audit and monitoring messages to a queues in different schemas and/or catalogs. Take a look at the addressing documentation for SQL Server transport.

In your example it can look like this:


var transport = endpointConfiguration.UseTransport<SqlServerTransport>();

//Tell SQL Server transport to use catalog MyEndpoint for the current endpoint
transport.UseCatalogForEndpoint("MyEndpoint", "MyEndpoint");

//Tell SQL Server transport to use non default catalog for these two queues
transport.UseCatalogForQueue(queueName: "audit", catalog: "SC");
transport.UseCatalogForQueue(queueName: "error", catalog: "SC");
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