Install Service Control and Service Pulse in Service Fabric

Are there instructions or recommendations on how to install Service Control and Service Pulse in a Service Fabric cluster?



Hi Francesc,

It is advised to install Service Control on a virtual machine separate from the cluster.

Kind regards,

OK, we can do that.

But my feedback is that it would be desirable to have an integrated solution with SF.



Would a containerized version be suitable as an integrated solution in your opinion? SF can host containers just as well as other application types.

Yes, I think this would be the first logical approach and it would do the job.

It could make sense also to have the service control and service pulse windows services as Stateless Services. Maybe provided as nuget packages, so I can create a simple stateless service and convert it into ServiceControl. This would allow some customization, for example using our logging and pulling the settings using our settings infrastructure.
But I’m not too much into these applications yet, so maybe this doesn’t make sense.

@yvesgoeleven it this something that can make it to your backlog? and if it is, is there a way to track its status?


It is on our backlog (which sadly enough is very long), the issue is not publicly visible though.

OK, we’ll go ahead without this and we’ll pay attention to the announcements.