Integrating using NServiceBus

(Kim Bora) #1

Hi -

I’m not yet familiar with NServiceBus and I’m studying it now. Is NServiceBus the right tool, or should I use NServiceBus, when I’m trying to integrate multiple web services? I wasn’t the one who developed the web services so they’re all external, our professor suggested to use NServiceBus for this but I’m not sure how?

(Ramon Smits) #2

It is very common to use queues to communicate with any integrations like calling a service like a REST web api or an SMTP server. With NServiceBus it is also very easy to work with queues no matter what queuing infrastructure you are using.

Instead of connecting directly to the webservice in your current integrations you would put an NServiceBus endpoint in between. Your application would communicate via messages with that endpoint, and that endpoint would process these messages and have a handler connecting to that webservice.

(Andreas Öhlund) #3

I gave a talk on this topic a long time ago but most concepts are still relevant