Is it possible to show environment name in ServicePulse UI?

We have six instances of ServiceControl. Two transports per environment and three environments (dev, test, prod). We have a separate instance of ServicePulse for each combination of transport and enironment.If this is the wrong way to set up please tell me.

Our SP instances are installed in IIS.

It is not easy to distinguish which transport/environment that is being used in ServicePulse. Of course the URL differs, but it is easy to forget which port points to which instance.

So my question is: is it possible to modify SP to reflect which instance is being used?

Regards - Robert

Hi Robert,

It’s currently not possible to make any changes to ServicePulse that would reflect this.

There are solutions I’ve used before (as a user):

  • You could create an alias by editing the bindings in IIS, allowing you to browse to [environmentname] for example
  • Another option I’ve used, especially when you have a larger amount of instances, is to create an index page that lists all instances, redirecting you to the right one.

If you feel strongly about having this feature built into ServicePulse, feel free to open an issue in the public repository.


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Hi Laila,

Thank you for the reply. I like your solutions, it makes it a bit clearar for the user.

Regards - Robert

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