Is there a way to create Queues and Exchanges in RabbitMQ explicitly using Nservicebus

Our application is document generation application, various customers interacts our application through the HTTP API call to generate the documents. We have endpoint handler implemented using Nservicebus to handle the document genaration, once API receives request to generate the document, it will send the request to document endpoint handler.

As per the use case, once document generation is completed we need to send the document generation status to dedicated queue for customers in rabbit MQ. So we need to check how to achieve below things.

  1. We have list of customers name, need to create queue name with customer name, How to create exchange and queuenames and bindings in rabbitmq using nservice bus?
  2. How to push message to desired queue using nservicebus?

What is consuming from those queues? Some native app or NServiceBus endpoints?

You can use to create queues, bindings etc programmatically. Would that cover it?

Thanks for your reply, those queues are consumed by the native applications.

@shyam does the suggestion from @andreasohlund to use satisfy your needs?

Suggestion provided by @andreasohlund is creating queues in rabbit MQ using native way, is there a way to create queues and exchanges using NserviceBus?

The only way to use NServiceBus would be to create and run “fake” NServiceBus endpoints with the same name as the queues you want to create so I think my proposal would be the easiest option

Thanks for your support, i will implement the same suggested by you.