License for test environment

I know I’m likely to get directed to ask Particular but I’ve tried that before and never really got a satisfactory answer.

We’ve got six production Nodes that are all licensed with Enterprise.

In addition we have Standard licences for the developers.

Now the tricky part: Dev and Test environments. The last wording I could find on this referred to not needing a licence for these if they’re fully automated. Very few test environments are fully automated.

NServiceBus has this weird licensing model where the debugging tools are included with the Enterprise license so it seems that to do debugging you have to pay more for test environments than you do for production ones.

So if we have multiple test environments with, say 3-4 nodes each, often not running all the time as they’re cloud based and turned on when required we’d be paying $100 per node per month for them and maybe only $50 a month for production as it’s not recommended to use Service Insight in production.

The combining of tooling with actual nservicebus licensing makes this really confusing and contrary to what I’ve come to expect for pretty much any software out there, i.e. pay for production and don’t pay for test environments.

How’s anyone else dealing with this?

You are describing an ‘elastic’ environment and seem to be running in the cloud. Is your production environment elastic too? Maybe you are looking in the incorrect license type.

Not sure why you previously didn’t get a satisfactory answer but I would suggest you try contacting sales again at and make sure you state your problem. I’m pretty sure sales will be able to help you come up with a solution that will match your usage.


The Elastic and site wide licences were both vastly more expensive than paying per node. It’s a relatively small setup with only about 20 nodes running NServiceBus components in total across all environments.
My main problem is with having to pay full price for use in non-production environments.

We have an account manager but were just repeatedly told that if you want to debug your test environments with Service Insight then it’s the full $100 per month. It’s just a really odd licensing model.

I would like if possible to speak to you about your licensing concerns,
If you could email me at I will be happy to try and better understand your needs.