Measure throughput & average waiting time for messages with nservicebus 5

I have gone through NServiceBus monitoring setup • NServiceBus • Particular Docs to measure queue length , throughput with nservicebus 6, Do we have way to measure same matrix with nservicebus 5 ?(need to measure matrix like throughput of particular endpoint, average waiting time for all different messages)

Hi Nirav,

we support the same set of metrics for NSB v5.

The server side setup is the same as the one described in the tutorial. What you have to change is the version of NServiceBus.Metrics.ServiceControl package that you install at the monitored endpoints. For NSB v5 endpoints you need to use version 1.2.1.


thanks for your response…one more question on this , do we need to have any specific version for SC/SP to view this matrix ? currently we are using ServicePulse v1.6.9 & ServiceControl v1.29.0

Hi Nirav,

you don’t have to update SC or SP. The server side components are the same no matter which version of NSB your endpoints are running on. It’s only the NServiceBus.Metrics.ServiceControl version installed for each endpoint that changes.


Just found url NServiceBus monitoring setup • NServiceBus • Particular Docs which suggests “Only versions 1.43 and above of the ServiceControl Management Utility can create and manage monitoring instances.” we are using ServiceControl v1.29.0, in this case we have to update SC , is that true ?

Hi @Nirav,

We just had a conversation on chat. Yes, you’ll need to upgrade ServiceControl and ServicePulse. Monitoring was introduced somewhere around version 1.4x


thanks…its clear now.

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