Memory Issues - Seeing lot of Raven.Json.Linq.RavenJObject instances

Hi All
We are using nServiceBus extensively in application. In one of Bus we are seeing high memory utilization, It consumes more then 10GB of available memory and we restart our service to bring it back to normal memory usage which is around 140 MB.
I was analyzing the dump file of the service and noticed that there are thousands of Raven.Json.Linq.RavenJObject lying there.
Can someone give some pointer on it?

Is this for your endpoint or for ServiceControl?

I assume you are using RavenDB somewhere, what versions of NServiceBus.RavenDB are you using?

The version of NServiceBus.RavenDB is 4.2.6

Do you have any other information that could be helpful? Perhaps the best is to send a support request through to us from your company account so that we can share memory dumps to investigate.