Messages not picked up

We have a really weird issue at the moment that occasionally (happened twice so far) the service (application that has nservicebus handlers) seems to go in sleep mode. By that I mean no messages are picked from rabbitmq and we have no error logs or failed messages. We restarted the windows service and messages started being handled. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue or can point me to the right direction i.e. maybe we need info logs on? Or how would we could troubleshoot this.
We are using NServiceBus 7.2 with RabbitMQ transport and have had this version running since second half of 2020.

Hi @rezajp

What level of logging do you have enabled? NServiceBus by default logs at Info level. Can you grab the log files and create a support case?


Thanks Szymon. I have raised a support case already. Log level on production is set to info but I couldn’t see anything in the logs. It is likely that the endpoint was stopped but the service was running.