Messaging Bridge Use Case Question

I’m trying to upgrade NServiceBus from Version 3 to Version 8 and I think I need to convert a custom message forwarder to a bridge, but am wondering if this scenario is supported and how to configure it.

Our system uses SQL Server Service Broker and a custom transport to pull messages out of service broker. In NServiceBus 3 it was possible to hook into the message receive on the transport and then take that message and push it into another bus. That is not possible from what I can tell in NServiceBus 8 and it looks like the Messaging Bridge should be able to accomplish that.

There are four separate Service Broker queues/transports that will all need to receive messages and then push those into a MSMQ Transport. What is confusing me is the endpoint setup for the BridgeTransports.

For instance when I setup a ServiceBroker Transport as a Bridge Transport but I only want it to pull messages out of the Service Broker Transport and never put anything into the Service Broker Transport, what needs to be put in for the endpoint?

Overall, there are 4 Service Broker Queues that all need to have their messages put into one MSMQ Transport. How do you configure this?

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for you message, could you please open a support case so that we may get more details about your situation.