Metrics / Heartbeats for NServiceBus bridge


In our system we are using a NServiceBus (NServiceBus.Transport.Bridge, v 1.0.1) bridge to push MSMQ messages and AzureServiceBus and vice versa. The bridge itself is running just fine so far.
We use ServiceControl (+ Pulse/Insight) to monitor our system.

We would like to enable heartbeats and performance metrics for our to monitor load. I have tried to add NServiceBus.Heartbeat and NServiceBus.Metrics to the project in order to enable those feature. Unfortunatly, I run into the issue that BridgeConfiguration does not support the extension methods for enable both feature.

Is this an intended behavior or am I missing something? In the later case, what would I be missing?

We are currently still using .Net FW 4.8 due to some legacy constraints.

Thanks for your help and kind regards,

I found some issues on github regarding this matter.

Therefore, it seems to be a feature that might be added.

Those would definitely be the issues to track. The next time we prioritize enhancements to the bridge, that’s where we’ll look.