Migrate MSMQ to RabbitMQ (Sagas and Timeouts)

NServiceBus 7.2.3
Transport: MSMQ

We are Migrating system from MSMQ to RabbitMQ.
It´s using Sagas and Saga Timeouts with very long timeouts, currenly stored in SQL database using NHibernate Persistance.
Sagas will continue to be stored the same way.
But is there a way of Migrate TimeoutEntity table from SQL database to RabbitMQ?

Can this tool be used when the timeouts are currently stored using NHibernate Persistance?

There is currently no support for NHibernate in the migration tool but we are intending to support it but I have no date for this yet.

In the meantime, I would recommend that you first migrate your timeouts to the SQL Persistence using

and then use the tool to migrate them into the native timeout mechanism of RabbitMQ.

Would that work for you?

That would work. Do you have any guidence how to move data from TimeoutEntity table to SQL persistance structure? I see that SQL Persistance has extra column PersistanceVersion and endpoint is in a seperate table.

Sorry for the delay!

I see that SQL Persistance has extra column

If you already use SQLP => set it to that version
If not just set it to 6.0.4

endpoint is in a seperate table.

Run the script for each endpoint with a `where Endpoint = ‘THE ENDPOINTNAME’ to get each endpoint data into the relevant target table in SQLP.

Does that make sense?