Missing Service Fabric tag

I think it’ll be handy to find topics when the content grows. It seems tags are not created automatically though, so I cannot add it to my topics.

Hi @fcastells,

When you add (or edit) a topic you can add any tags you like. Occasionally moderators add tags to topics. So you can theoretically search on usd tags, or just use regular search.

We also have categories, but haven’t configured any important ones yet, accept for our own announcements.

Let me know if you still have questions or some suggestions for the discussion group!

Maybe it’s me, but I tried it before and I tried it now again and it doesn’t let me add new tags, only choose from the existing ones.

Hmmm, that’s possible. I need to investigate that. Discourse works with levels for users, and might be that new users aren’t allowed to add new tags. I’ll investigate it for a bit.

Possibly. I have a Basic badge. I might need something else…

I checked it and indeed you need to have a specific level to be able to create tags.
I will have a look and create appropriate tags that are related to NServiceBus and the Particular Software Platform. Hopefully users will have less issues then.

Thanks for the heads up!

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