Mixed subscription storage between endpoints

I’m trying to upgrade from 4.7.12 host to 7.4 host and move from MSMQ transport + RavenDB persistence to SQL all the way. Unfortunately, there are fair number of projects that I need to upgrade.

May I ask if anyone knows whether old 4.7.12 host with MSMQ transport + RavenDB can still subscribed and publish events to 7.4 host with SQL transport and persistence?

Thank you.


You can use a community project NServiceBus.Router to move messages between MSMQ and SQL Server.

NServiceBus.Router does not require any changes from publishers and receivers of messages so you 4.x endpoints can act as publishers/receivers without any issues.

Regarding sending messages or subscribing to events, you need to edit your MessageEndpointMappings to point to the Router endpoint as publisher/receiver and configure the actual publisher/receiver address using the Router APIs.

Please note that the Router project is not officially supported by Particular.