Monitor Service Control Events over multiple Storage Accounts

I have 3 endpoints whose Service Control Events I need to respond to. All three use Azure Storage accounts. My current solution is to deploy three different services (based off this sample Monitor with ServiceControl events • ServiceControl Contracts Samples • Particular Docs) along with three different Service Control instances. In an effort to reduce my systems complexity, is there anyway to monitor for Service Control events from multiple Service Control Instances that are on different Storage Accounts without creating multiple endpoints? Or, should I be exploring a Multi hosting solution ie Generic Host multiple endpoint hosting • NServiceBus Samples • Particular Docs ? Thank you in advance for any guidance you might provide.

Hi Jatinder,

Multi-instance SC is supported for Audits, but not SC events. Multi-hosting would be an an option as you’d be able to re-use all of the handlers logic and consolidate it for all 3 SC instances you’re using in a single endpoint.