Monitoring ServiceControl with AzureServiceBus Topology issue

Hi, I’ve tried to create a monitoring servicecontrol instance for an existing system, but I get the attached error. This is an NSB 5 system, using ASB with Endpoint Oriented Topology and the latest version of ServiceControl Management.

Any thoughts how I can get past this?



Hi Hugh

Sorry about that, it seems we’ve released an incorrect version of the installer.

The actual Monitoring Instance isn’t affected by the fact that your endpoints are V5 or V6 (or V7 beta), this is entirely a bug within the installer related to the Azure Service Bus transport.

We’ll work on a new release and get it out soon!

Hi William,

Thanks for the quick response.

I look forward to the new installer - the monitoring looks very interesting!




We released 1.43.1 that should fix installing the Monitoring instance with the Azure Service Bus transport. You can get it here: