Multi-instance support for SQL Server transport


I use NServiceBus.Transport.SqlServer 6.1.1 and NServiceBus 7.3. My endpoint needs to communicate with another endpoint whose queue is on a different instance of SQL Server. Is this possible at all?

Looking at the documentation, this seems to have been supported earlier, but not anymore.

Deployment options page doesn’t list multi-instance anymore.
This page says “Note that multi-instance mode has been deprecated and is not recommended for new projects.”

Hi @nsbuser,

multi-instance deployment mode is no longer supported.

I suggest you have a look at that enables such deployments in a transport independent manner.


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Thank you for confirming this @tmasternak.

NServiceBus.Router will fit the purpose if the receiver always does a ‘reply’ (which makes use of the message headers to identify the address to reply) to the message from the sender. Instead, if the message triggers a series of steps at the receiver end and the reply comes in the form of a ‘normal’ message, this approach will not work unless the receiver also have a router configured at their end. Isn’t this right?

Yes, you are right. The receiver would have the router configuration for this to work.

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