Multi-tenant application usecase

Hi All,

we have a multi-tenant application with 1 common web api for all the tenants but each tenant having its own SQL database (Azure SQL ), because of compliance.

our requirement for now is as follows.

  1. Periodically trigger emails
  2. Perodically update few sql tables based on few domain rules.

Our initial thought is to follows create a timer triggered azure function, which will submit a message for each tenant and then nservicebus will pick up and process the jobs.


  1. can we create a common nservicebus solution which does the above functionality for all the tenants? rather than creating new code for each tenant?
  2. Is there any guidance or sample that i can leverage for this use case ?

Thanks -Nen

Hi @Nen_Zax,

We have this article on multi-tenant support that may help: Multi-tenant support • Sql Persistence • Particular Docs

I think it addresses your requirements, but let us know if you still need more help.