Multiple message in one transactionscope

(Amit Sharma) #1

I sent two command which update two different column of and same row of table. But it weird behaviour of persistence. Some time first command update column1 and some times another command save column 2. But some both command save both column I.e column1 and column 2.

Command 1
Due date
Save column 1 of table

Command 2
Done date
Save Column 2 of table

Both command are sent from UI to save due and done date in column1 and column2 of same row in table

But one success and another to failed save record.

While both command have correct information in service insight.

Have any idea how to resolve this problem.

Amit sharma

(Dennis van der Stelt) #2

Hi Amit,

From the information you provide, this concerns business data that NServiceBus has no influence on. It seems like your CRUD queries aren’t correct.

It might be that out-of-order delivery of messages can cause strange behaviors, but only because the queries updating the business data might empty a column that was previously filled.

I hope that helps in finding a solution.

(Amit Sharma) #3

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your reply

Might be we are using Z.Entity framework to update bluksavechanges create a

Amit Sharma