Multiple serializations/deserializations in NSB 5

(Alexander) #1

Seems like multiple deserializers are supported only in NSB6 and later. What’s the easiest way to achieve the same in NSB5?
We have a monitoring endpoint that receives JSON messages from Service Control. It now has to listen to messages from another endpoint that uses XML serialization. So I either have to send a json message from that other endpoint or enable xml deserializer in addition to json on the receiving endpoint.

(Alexander) #2

Never mind. I used message a mutator. It’s simple enough

(Hadi Eskandari) #3


As you figured out, a message mutator does the job on v5. Mind you that v5 will be out of support in October, so updating to v6 might be a good option to get multiple deserializer feature as well as support cover.

Hope this helps,

(Alexander) #4

We need to update our queue before upgrading NSB.

(Hadi Eskandari) #5

No worries. Let us know if we can assist you in the upgrade process.