New Service Control Instance failing to start on creation of the RavenDB (Service Control 3.0)

(Sam Testen) #1

We updated our NServiceBus tools (Control, Insight, and Pulse) to the latest version of those tools back around July/August of 2018. We had successfully implemented the changes in Dev, Test, and Prod and everything is working correctly. Today we needed to create a new Service Control Instance in our Dev and Test environments, so this would be the first time using the updated tools to create an instance. Everything seems to work correctly, but on creation of the instance it refuses to start. Looking at the ravenDB log file, I find this warning:

Warn|Raven.Database.Commercial.SupportCoverage|Failed to obtain support coverage information.

Looks like when it fails to find the coverage locally, it tries to access the web to retrieve it. Problem is our app servers don’t have access to the internet, so it fails here:

**Your attempt to browse to a website has encountered a problem, please review the details below for more information and help**

This was something that never happened to us in the previous version of Service Control. Our License is up-to-date. If you need more information let me know


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(Mike Minutillo) #2

Hi Sam,

The error message you have described should not impact the startup procedures of ServiceControl. Can you please grab the ServiceControl log files and send them through to I will help you to sort out the issue.