Non-durable instance queues


In a NServiceBus/Rabbit setup, how would be the best way to setup the following scenario:

  • General queues (publish/subscribe) must be ‘durable’ (this is our current setup for ALL queues)
  • ‘Instance queues’ (send/reply) must be ‘exclusive’

The issue is that, when we scale up applications that use send/reply, instance queues get created. But when the applications scale back down these queues remain there, polluting RabbitMq. I would like instance queues to disappear when the instance terminates. RabbitMq’s ‘Exclusive queues’ are perfect for this, because they get automatically deleted by the broker when the connection terminates, but I don’t know how to tell NServiceBus that it should create this type of queues ONLY for instance queues, and the regular ‘durable’ queues for general endpoint queues.

Hope I made myself clear.

Thanks in advance.

@Santiago_Burbano Exclusive auto delete queues are unsupported by our RabbitMQ transport.

Also see

If you think we should support this then please add a comment to the above issue with argumentation.