NServiceBus 5.2.25 - Patch release available

Hi everyone,

We’ve just released NServiceBus 5.2.25.

Fixed bugs

  • #5047 Messages are sent as non-durable if Outbox is enabled on Version 5

How to know if you are affected

You are affected if you are using NServiceBus Version 5 with the RabbitMQ transport and the Outbox enabled.


Messages sent from message handlers will be marked as non-durable. This can lead to message loss on transports with support for non-durable messages when there is an infrastructure failure with the queuing system.

Should you upgrade immediately

You should upgrade immediately if you are affected to avoid message loss due to queuing system failures.

Where to get it

You can download the updated version and see the full release notes here:

With thanks,

The team in Particular

Please read our release policy for more details.