NServiceBus as .NET Core SignalR Backplane?


Is there a way or plan to make it possible to use NServiceBus as a .NET Core SignalR Backplane?

I found a solution for MassTransit but nothing for NServiceBus.

We want to use it OnPrem where we don’t have a Redis Cache for Scale Out, so it would be great if it is possible to use our existing setup with NServiceBus and RabbitMQ.

Kind regards

There is no official support for .NET Core SignalR backplane provided by NServiceBus.

There was a community project for .NET Framework (https://github.com/roycornelissen/SignalR.NServiceBus) described in this blog post.

May I ask you why not to use either Redis if it’s already well supported?


In addition to what Sean mentioned I would like to add that there is not really much to support form NServiceBus perspective unless you have something specific in mind?

For example you can use the new SignalR client together with NServiceBus and plug in the Ayure SignalR Service.


hi and sorry for the late answer.

As I written we don’t have Redis in our Company and so we are currently not able to use it :frowning:

That is the reason why i looked for other possible solutions and found that MassTransit offer the option to use it with RabbitMQ (as we are using RMQ) as a Backplane.

We are only OnPrem and the Azure Signal Service is also not possible for us like Redis.

Support for SQL Server backplane was considered for SignalR Core quite a while ago. Worth pinging the team to see where it stands.