NServiceBus.Azure.Transports.WindowsAzureServiceBus 7.2.10 - Patch release available


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Hi everyone,

We’ve just released NServiceBus.Azure.Transports.WindowsAzureServiceBus 7.2.10

Fixed bugs

  • #673 Round Robin partitioning doesn’t work
  • #683 Unnecessary topics generated

How to know if you are affected

Anyone using NServiceBus.Azure.Transports.WindowsAzureServiceBus transport version 7 or greater and

  • Using Round Robin partitioining strategy or
  • Using Forwarding topology and observing uncontrolled growth in number of topics


Round Robin partitioning doesn’t work

Instead of returning a different namespace as expected, RoundRobinNamespacePartitioning strategy returns a cached namespace.
For custom topologies, this would manifest in a similar behaviour, the first returned namespaces calculated at run-time would be cached and reused in subsequent calls.

Topic generation can go awry

Number of topics in bundle is growing over the time.

Should you upgrade immediately

You should upgrade immediately if you are using version 7 or greater and experiencing one of the listed issues.

Where to get it

You can download the updated version and see the full release notes here:

With thanks,

The team in Particular

Please read our release policy for more details.

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