NServiceBus.Azure.Transports.WindowsAzureServiceBus 7.2.12 and 8.0.1 - Patch releases available

Hi everyone,

We’ve just released NServiceBus.Azure.Transports.WindowsAzureServiceBus 7.2.12 and 8.0.1.

Fixed bugs

  • #729 Receiver lifecycle management can cause creation of unnecessary amount of receivers
  • #728 Concurrent subscribe can lead to NullReferenceException or events not being received

How to know if you are affected

All customers having multiple event types subscribed by an endpoint might run into the issues above. Events are still delivered to the subscription but might not be received by the target endpoint until it is restarted.


Starting the endpoint might throw a NullReferenceException. Subscriptions might not be properly setup during startup and thus events might not be delivered.

Should you upgrade immediately

We encourage all customers to upgrade to those latest patch releases. Our support will assist you in assessing your situation if you suspect you are affected.

Where to get it

You can download the updated versions and see the full release notes here:

With thanks,

The team in Particular

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