NServiceBus.AzureFunctions.AzureServiceBus - Installers

When using NServiceBus.AzureFunctions.AzureServiceBus,
I know that we have to create queues and topics on our own. I wonder if I could reuse queues/topics created by regular Nservicebus installer. If yes then how about having a TimeTrigger function (running on startup) which would create required infrastructure?

And what should be the name of the topic? Is bundle-1 still a requirement?


Yes, you can re-use a queue. In fact, you can have deployments across a variety of hosts all feed from the same input queue. When we migrated from using Cloud Service deployments to Azure Function hosting for our endpoints, we re-used our existing queues.

It should be possible to create a time triggered function to check for queue existence and create infrastructure that may be missing. That said, I personally would not advise taking this route as your timer function will be incurring resource cost for an activity that should only need executing once.