NServiceBus for .NET Core - Beta Refresh

(Brandon Ording) #1

Today we’ve pushed a brand new set of NServiceBus packages to NuGet. We hope this will be the final beta release while we prepare for a release candidate.

When we first announced the NServiceBus for .NET Core beta, we started with only a minimal set of packages (NServiceBus, RabbitMQ, SQL Transport, and SQL Persistence) so that you could get a taste for what it would be like to run NServiceBus on a non-Windows system. Over time we added more and more packages, and continued to iterate and improve on them using the feedback we received during the beta process.

With this new beta refresh, all packages that we plan on releasing are available for you to try. We’ve also updated and built out our testing infrastructure to ensure we have thorough coverage of our code and supported platforms.

The next step is a Release Candidate which will come with a go-live license. We know some of you may have a time-sensitive project that requires a go-live license. If that’s the case, please contact us at support@particular.net so we can talk about your needs.

With thanks,

The team in Particular

(Ahad L. Amdani) #2

Does this include the Azure Service Bus transport layer for .NET core, irrespective of Windows or Linux? We’ve got a containerized service and are currently using Azure Storage Queues for our transport layer, and would prefer to shift to the Azure Service Bus transport.

(Sean Feldman) #3

Hi Ahad,

Unfortunately Azure Service Bus will not be coming with .NET Core support, but only .NET Full framework.
Please see the post we’ve published a while ago with reasons and our plans for it.

For now, I’d suggest to go with Azure Storage Queues for now if you need to go with .NET Core sooner than later and not wait for the Azure Service Bus on .NET Standard client transport.

(Ahad L. Amdani) #4

Right, but you mentioned previously an alpha package.

We’re building a new Azure Service Bus transport that targets .NET Standard 2.0 using the new Azure Service Bus client. This transport won’t interoperate with the old transport, but we’ll provide a way to move messages from the old transport to the new transport.

We’ll release an alpha package as soon as possible that doesn’t contain support for transactional semantics, rather than wait for Microsoft to fully support the feature. This will allow you to experiment with the new transport and give us feedback.

The previous reply seems to indicate there won’t be any alpha or beta package available for utilizing the Azure Service Bus transport at all, until the Azure Service Bus client itself matures significantly.

We are using ASQ, per your specific recommendation, but since it’s been 4 months, I was hoping to see something that I could integrate with or at least POC against.

(Sean Feldman) #5

Hi Ahad,

The previous reply was addressing your specific qestion in the context of this post - NServiceBus for .NET Core beta. Which was:

To which the answer is no. The plan to release a new Azure Service Bus transport based on .NET Standard client is still in place, but timeline is not tied to the release of NServiceBus for .NET Core release. My apology if I have confused you with the previous response.

I am personally tracking the requests for beta testing of the new transport, and you are on that list. Rest asure we’ll be contacting all interested when the time comes. For now, ASQ remains recommended if you require .NET Core support ASAP.

Thank you,


Following up on this… has there been any progress on the Azure Service Bus Transport for .NET core?


(Sean Feldman) #7

Hi Ryan,

Yes, there was.
There’s a preview version that is available on NuGet and documented on our site.

In case you (or anyone else reading this) needs this transport in production, please contact our support.