NServiceBus NHibernate blocking concerns

One of our systems makes use NServiceBus NHibernate persistence.

The amount of activity now going through that system has increased greatly. I have noticed that messages in queue have started stacking up and doing some research I have found that the queries NHibnernate have started to become blockers to other queries.

Below is an example of the blocking query:
(@p0 uniqueidentifier)SELECT this_.Id as Id0_0_, this_.Originator as Originator0_0_, this_.OriginalMessageId as Original3_0_0_, this_.LoanNumber as LoanNumber0_0_, this_.TrackingId as TrackingId0_0_, this_.EnvelopeId as EnvelopeId0_0_, this_.DocumentName as Document7_0_0_, this_.Status as Status0_0_, this_.StatusDateTime as StatusDa9_0_0_, this_.Uri as Uri0_0_, this_.CertificateAttachmentId as Certifi11_0_0_, this_.CertificateAttchementDate as Certifi12_0_0_, this_.CombinedDocumentsAttachmentId as Combine13_0_0_, this_.CombinedDocumentsAttachmentDate as Combine14_0_0_, this_.JobId as JobId0_0_, this_.JobName as JobName0_0_, this_.JobReceiveDate as JobRece17_0_0_, this_.AttachmentId as Attachm18_0_0_, this_.AttachmentDocumentName as Attachm19_0_0_, this_.RequestType as Request20_0_0_, this_.LoanOfficerId as LoanOff21_0_0_, this_.MortgageCadenceUserId as Mortgag22_0_0_, this_.SentAsEmbedded as SentAsE23_0_0_ FROM DocumentSignatureRequestSagaData this_ with (updlock, rowlock) WHERE this_.TrackingId = @p0

Is there anyway to correct this? With the increase in messages coming through this is really starting to cause problems.