NServiceBus.NHibernate tables, MSMQ and Logical vs Instance endpoints


NServiceBus 7.2
NServiceBus.NHibernate 8.x
Transport: MSMQ

My question is about some of the data in the Subscription and TimeoutEntity table as it relates to MSMQ and the Logical vs Physical enpdoint mappings.

Is it safe to restore data from the Subscription and TimeoutEntity tables from production in a staging environment’s SQL db, as long as the instance mapping file used points to different machines, or will staging start publishing to production queues based on the values in the SubscriberEndpoint column (which would have a production server in it: <endpoint>@<machine>

Similarly, what about timeouts and the Destination vs Endpoint column

Hi @jfeinour

It is not safe to restore these tables as they contain physical addresses (the ones with @). The instance mapping is used only when sending messages via Send or when subscribing to events (either via auto-subscribe feature or explicitly via Subscribe calls).