NServiceBus.RabbitMQ 4.4.1 - Patch release available

(Brandon Ording) #1

Hi everyone,

We’ve just released NServiceBus.RabbitMQ 4.4.1.

Fixed bugs

  • #463 Minimum RabbitMQ.Client version throws NullReferenceException in HeartbeatReadTimerCallback
  • #458 New x-first-death headers are not removed before processing an incoming message
  • #456 Lazily creating publish connection prevents endpoint from sending messages

How to know if you are affected

  • You are affected by #463 if you are using version 4.1.0 of the RabbitMQ client.
  • You are affected by #458 if you are using version 3.7.0 or later of the RabbitMQ broker.
  • All users are potentially affected by #456, though using send-only endpoints puts you at greater risk.


  • A NullReferenceException is thrown at various points during an endpoint’s startup and shutdown, and RabbitMQ.Client.Framing.Impl.Connection.HeartbeatReadTimerCallback is in the exception’s call stack.
  • A message has x-first-death headers and the values contain incorrect information.
  • A BrokerUnreachableException is thrown when sending a message despite the broker actually being available.
  • A send-only endpoint starts successfully but does not create a connection to the broker.

Should you upgrade immediately

If you are affected, you should upgrade.

Where to get it

You can download the updated version and see the full release notes here: https://github.com/Particular/NServiceBus.RabbitMQ/releases/tag/4.4.1

With thanks,

The team in Particular

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