NServiceBus.RavenDB 1.0.7 not accessing RavenDB 2.5

I am unable to access our RavenDB 2.5 server using NServiceBus.RavenDB 1.0.7.

We have been using NSB 4 with RavenDB 2.5 via the Raven code baked into NServiceBus.Core for some time and suddenly it stopped working.

According to this: https://docs.particular.net/persistence/ravendb/version-compatibility
we now need to use NServiceBus.RavenDB 1.0.7 to connect to RavenDB 2.5.

So, I have installed the Nuget package and changed the configuration to point to the new package.

.CastleWindsorBuilder( container )

But when the endpoint starts up, it stills gives me the WrongRavenVersionMessage from NServiceBus.ConfigureRavenPersistence in NServiceBus.Core:

The RavenDB server you have specified is detected to be Product version: 2.5.0. NServiceBus requiires RavenDB version 2.0 to operate correctly. Please update your RavenDB server.

Instead of the WrongRavenVersionMessage from NServiceBus.RavenDB.ConfigureRavenPersistence in the nuget package.

I’ve checked the container after configuration and it looks like it correctly added the components from NServiceBus.RavenDB but it doesn’t seem to want to use them.

Is there extra configuration I need to do to enable NServiceBus.RavenDB to access v2.5 of the server? Why am I getting the old WrongRavenVersionMEssage instead of the new one?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Dean,

In this kind of situations I personally try to use as simple configuration as possible on separate project to eliminate other dependencies and see if it’s something wrong with the framework or in my specific usage. Sometimes especially in bigger SLNs small details matters like wrong dll in the project or bin directory, missing or incorrect binding redirect entry in app.config, etc so you can try to code the simplest pub/sub example with your NServiceBus and RavenDB versions and check result. If it works you can configure custom DI Container (CastleWindsorBuilder) and check result and so on. Then there is the chance that you can find the place which causes incorrect behavior.

The best solution is to upgrade NServiceBus and NServiceBus.RavenDB to the newest versions.

Hope this help.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will try it out.