NServiceBus.Router - message format conversion

Hello, we are bridging two of our systems using NServiceBus.Router - one side is MQMQ with XML message formats and the other side is AzureServiceBus with JSON message format.

I am trying to understand what’s the best way to do message format conversion in NServiceBus.Router architecture. I looked at pre-routing, forwarding and post-routing as described here https://github.com/SzymonPobiega/NServiceBus.Router/wiki/Design. However, still not sure where to do the actual format conversion.

Any guidance would be useful.


Apologies. I should have asked on GitHub as this is a community project.

Anyhow, this link states such a use case is not supported - https://github.com/SzymonPobiega/NServiceBus.Router/issues/32

In pre-routing, body can be changed but not the headers. In post-routing, headers can be changed but not the body.

Closing this.