NServiceBus.Router not working when targeting .net core 2.2


(Ben Way) #1

I have used the basic example provided to create a simple router to move messages between the SqlTransport and RabbitMq. When I do this in a project targeting the .Net Framework everything works as expected. When I target .Net Core 2.2 the proper queues are setup for both transports however none of the messages on the SqlQueue are ever picked up and routed to Rabbit. The app runs without issue, no exceptions are thrown, but messages are never moved.

I believe router is a community contribution, is this the right forum for this issue? Has anyone else had this issue? Any thoughts on how to debug or resolve the issue?


(Szymon Pobiega) #2

Hi Ben

Which version of the Router and the transports do you use? Can you try running the app with VS debugger attached and setting the debugger to break on all thrown exceptions? Maybe there are some exceptions which are swallowed.


(Ben Way) #3


Thanks for the reply. I thought I was breaking on all exceptions but I was not. Turns out I forgot to change the TransportTransactionMode when I switched from framework to core. Since distributed transactions don’t currently work with .net core the router was failing and throwing an exception. I updated the TransportTransactionMode to ReceiveOnly and everything is working as expected.

Thanks again,