NServiceBus support for .NET 6

Hi everyone,

We have completed our analysis of NServiceBus compatibility with .NET 6 Preview 6 and wanted to share the results with you.

The significant bit is this: Solutions that currently work well on .NET 5 should continue to work as expected on .NET 6.

What we’ve done

Here is what we have done to verify our compatibility with .NET 6:

  1. We have run our suite of automated tests in the NServiceBus repository while targeting .NET 6 in the test projects. After fixing a handful of references to methods made obsolete in .NET 6, all our automated tests pass.
  2. We have verified that all of our multi-targeted samples will build against .NET 6 and have tested a selection of samples handpicked to test a variety of components.

While we have not yet run all of the tests for every single one of our component libraries against .NET 6, we believe that the tests we have run provide the greatest insight into .NET 6 compatibility without unreasonable cost.

What to look for

As we get closer to Microsoft’s November 9 launch date for .NET 6, we will continue to re-run our tests as each new .NET Preview is released. If we find anything of concern, we’ll update this post. Otherwise, “no news is good news.”

As soon as the final version of .NET 6 is released, we’ll begin the labor-intensive effort of validating the automated tests for all of our component libraries.

Is there a specific aspect of .NET 6 that concerns you or a new language feature you’d like to see support for in a future version of NServiceBus? Feel free to let us know in this thread or send us a support case, and we’ll be happy to help.

With thanks,
The team in Particular

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