NServiceBus.Transport.Bridge 0.1.0 – Preview release available

Hi everyone,

We’ve just released a preview of NServiceBus.Transport.Bridge 0.1.0. This is a brand new component that allows you to send and receive messages between different transports. For example, a sending endpoint can publish messages from MSMQ and a receiving endpoint can subscribe using Azure Service Bus.

Among other scenarios, this allows gradual migration from one transport to another as well as permanent use of multiple transports in a single system.

The transport bridge relies on NServiceBus version 8 and corresponding transport packages, which are currently in beta. At this time, the NServiceBus.RabbitMQ package does not have a beta package compatible with NServiceBus version 8 but we expect that to be ready very shortly. For now, the transport bridge won’t work with RabbitMQ. For everything else, the transport bridge supports the current beta packages for NServiceBus and the corresponding transports.

Important: Your endpoints do not need to be upgraded to NServiceBus v8 to use the transport bridge. The bridge is hosted separately and while it has a dependency on NServiceBus v8, the endpoints that use it don’t have the same restriction. Message endpoints using NServiceBus version 6-7 endpoints can use the transport bridge with no special configuration as they have no knowledge of the bridge at all.

Please refer to the full documentation, including how to migrate from the community NServiceBus.Router package, for details.

Where to get it

You can install NServiceBus.Transport.Bridge 0.1.0 from NuGet.

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The team in Particular

Please read our previews support policy for more details.


Great news on this front.

While very early days I realise, do you have an estimated production release date for this functionality, including support for all current Transports? We are investigating a migration strategy from one transport to another and having an understanding of when this will be released would be helpful in our decision-making


Hi Chris!

The bridge can already today be used in production. As per the preview support policy we will fix bugs and provide support if you run into problems. The main difference is that the API could potentially change in minor versions but due to the nature of the bridge, this shouldn’t have major ripple effects on your code since the bridge is a standalone component.

All transports except RabbitMQ are available at this time. We are actively working on RabbitMQ and should have it ready within the next few weeks.

Hope this makes sense and let us know if you have any further issues!



Any updates / timelines on when this will be moved out of the preview release?

@Mick_Anderson We’re gearing up to take it out of preview. At the moment, it relies on NServiceBus v8 which we’re working on getting released. Once that’s done, we hope to have the transport bridge released after that.

That said, the current preview is solid in its current state and does come with production support.