Opening ServiceInsight via Custom URL

We have created a nice lightweight little monitoring app for local NSB development which installs in the windows task bar and pops up notifications as messages are processed through the local endpoints.

This is very useful for our local devs and QAs to help them get a sense of the ebb and flow of messages as they trigger front end application workflows.

I’d love to add a ServiceInsight hook to this so they can click on the messages in the popup and open that message up in ServiceInsight (similar to the click through from ServicePulse). From memory this is triggered by a custom URI protocol but I can’t find any details in the documentation and it isn’t immediately obvious when I inspect the ServicePulse page.

Would this be a simple thing to build up based on the message details we have available - message id, type, etc etc?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

See the following documentation:

– Ramon

Thanks Ramon - just what I was after.