Performance impact due to NSB7 Router which is used for communication between new refactored components built of NSB7, .NET Core and some old components built on NSB5, .NET Framework

Hi There,

I have refactored some old components using NSB7 and .NET Core ( new DB Instance). I also have some legacy components which still use NSB5 and .NET Framework as these need DTC support as these involves multiple databases ( separate DB instance)

To establish communication between new and old components, NSB7 router(Switch) is used. Performance testing is done for two scenarios considering 5K data input.

  1. All old components use NSB5 and .NET framework - Average time is 3 seconds.
  2. Some components are refactored using NSB7 and .NET Core. Some components are still in NSB5 and .NET framework to support DTC. - Average time is 3.3 seconds

Here the expectation is refactored components should show some better performance compared to old components but in this case this didn’t happen.

What could be the reason for this less performance? Is this due to NSB7 router which is used to establish communication between NSB7 which use one database instance and NSB5 which use another database instance?

Also old implementation have central database which is used by multiple endpoints, high referential integrity in databases whereas in the new implementation each endpoint has its own database and the referential integrity is avoided.


What is included in that 3 second measurement? Is it critical (end-to-end)? Generally you might see a slightly higher latency of processing, compared to direct sends, if you use the router because you are introducing another network hop and another database write on your path.


Hi Szymon,
Yes the 3 second is critical. There will be around 100K data per day.

So if all the components are in the same network using same architecture NSB7 and all the databases are in same database instance, then will the performance be improved.

I will post you once I have some performance test results available.

Thank you and Have a good one!