Possible to prioritize certain messages in queue vs fifo?

I couldn’t find anything in the docs on this, so if it’s possible I’d appreciate a link.

Basically, I have hosts managing multiple messages. Although none are ultimately time sensitive, there are some that would be ideal to prioritize for business efficiency over others, and some that can more or less take their time and nobody cares.

Is is possible to configure queue behavior so certain message types are prioritized/dealt with first before others begin processing?

The messages aren’t related so this isn’t really a saga kind of use case. More like multiple unrelated messages in a few different processes going on, and I want to prioritize one process at all times if possible.


Hi Matt,

At present there is no such a prioritized messages in NServiceBus. In your scenario you can create separate logical Endpoints and route messages with highest priority to one of them and messages with lowest priority to the other. More info you can find in:

Also take to consideration that there is no such a FIFO queue (right order). Messages are processed in parallel see - https://docs.particular.net/nservicebus/operations/tuning. Even if there is limit message processing concurrency to 1 when the message moves to the error queue other messages can be processed successfully so the solution should be design to be business consistent regardless of the order message processing. You can find more info in https://particular.net/blog/you-dont-need-ordered-delivery

Hope this help.