Pricing of logical endpoints

My question is around pricing of “logical endpoints” and whether the endpoints in my architecture are considered the same logical ones due to the type of deployment I intend to do.

I am developing an ecommerce application that is intended to be used globally but has country specific integrations and configuration.

The host applications that make up the system, both backend and frontend, are to be deployed in kubernetes and initially there would be 6 distinct logical endpoints. Scaling of endpoints would be provided by adjustment of kubernetes pod instances within the cluster.

For a few reasons I decided that I could introduce each new country by deploying country-specific infrastructure, applications and configuration, thereby isolating country scaling requirements.

So, whilst the applications I would deploy to different clusters are the same, albeit with minor version latency as deployment rolls out, their endpoints are not part of the same scaling unit. I imagine I’d still want to use the same license file for all countries but does my deployment compromise the pricing per endpoint in any way? In other words, am I expected to have a separate license file for each country cluster?

This seems like a geo-distributed deployment. It’s a type of sharing of the same bits. It does seem it would be the same logical endpoints if everything can be seen as a single system.

Maybe this is more related to the ISV model but that depends on the configuration/customization. If these are completely isolated deployments that could also run with different versions for different customers then it could require an Ultimate license.

It is best to contact us at and provide detailed information for your use case as our sales have experience with a lot of different use cases.

It is exactly a geo-distributed deployment. One mobile app that can be routed to any of the countries deployed to.

I should have responded earlier but this was answered in great detail in a direct email (from Rusty). In a nutshell, the same license can be used as it’s all identical logical endpoints, just with differing scale requirements at each deployment.

I needed clarification on the throughput from a licensing perspective, and again that was answered well by stating it would be the total throughput across all deployments.