Problems installing NServiceBus.Metrics.ServiceControl Nuget package

I want to test out adding the fancy new metrics to my NServiceBus project and according to the setup documentation I need to add the NServiceBus.Metrics and NServiceBus.Metrics.ServiceControl Nuget packages. Adding the NServiceBus.Metrics package worked just fine but trying to install the service control one threw the error below. I included a full screenshot so you can see what all NServiceBus packages I have installed. The error message isn’t very clear (at least to me) so I can’t tell what might be conflicting.

If you can’t read the error in the screenshot here it is:
Unable to find a version of ‘NServiceBus’ that is compatible with ‘NServiceBus.Encryption.MessageProperty 1.0.0 constraint: NServiceBus (>= 6.0.0 && < 7.0.0)’, ‘NServiceBus.Log4Net 2.0.0 constraint: NServiceBus (>= 6.0.0 && < 7.0.0)’, ‘NServiceBus.Metrics 2.0.0 constraint: NServiceBus (>= 6.2.0 && < 7.0.0)’, ‘NServiceBus.Metrics.ServiceControl 1.0.0 constraint: NServiceBus (>= 5.0.0 && < 6.0.0)’, ‘NServiceBus.Ninject 6.0.1 constraint: NServiceBus (>= 6.0.0 && < 7.0.0)’, ‘NServiceBus.Persistence.Sql 2.1.3 constraint: NServiceBus (>= 6.2.0 && < 7.0.0)’, ‘NServiceBus.SqlServer 3.0.2 constraint: NServiceBus (>= 6.0.0 && < 7.0.0)’, ‘ServiceControl.Plugin.Nsb6.Heartbeat 3.0.1 constraint: NServiceBus (>= 6.0.0 && < 7.0.0)’.

Can you try the 2.0.0-beta3 version of the package?

Looks like that worked. Thanks Bob!

Any idea when that’ll be coming out of beta and show up as a stable release in Nuget? I know that might not be in your power to give out in this channel but I thought I’d ask.

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I am sure it will come out of beta along with the Monitoring component.