Proposed change in the licensing model for NuGet packages under the NServiceBusExtensions Org

A number of NServiceBus extensions exist under the NServiceBusExtensions GitHub Org. These extensions have previously been free to use. I am considering changing the licensing model to be a financially backed system through an OpenCollective. This backing will take the form of a small monthly required fee to be a developer using the NuGet packages, and several sponsorship options.

The reasoning for these changes and how it will work is currently a work in progress. But you can see the current plan by reviewing

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I have raise an issue for Licensing changes / Opencollective discussion

This will effect anyone using any of the below NuGet Packages

  • NServiceBus.Serilog
  • NServiceBus.MicrosoftLogging
  • NServiceBus.Bond
  • NServiceBus.Hyperion
  • NServiceBus.Jil
  • NServiceBus.MsgPack
  • NServiceBus.MessagePack
  • NServiceBus.ProtoBuf
  • NServiceBus.ProtoBufGoogle
  • NServiceBus.Utf8Json
  • NServiceBus.Wire
  • NServiceBus.ZeroFormatter
  • NServiceBus.FluentValidation
  • NServiceBus.DataAnnotations
  • NServiceBus.Attachments.Sql
  • NServiceBus.Attachments.FileShare
  • NServiceBus.SqlServer.Native
  • NServiceBus.SqlServer.HttpPassthrough
  • NServiceBus.HandlerOrdering
  • NServiceBus.AuditFilter
  • NServiceBus.Newtonsoft.Encryption