Publish message to different endpoint in outbox

I’m new to messaging and Nservicebus, and is using alot of time to read about and testing the samples of Nservicebus to understand how we can use it in our business.

At the moment I’m trying to understand how to get a distributed transaction to work.

If i have two machines with a database and nservicebus setup on each machine.

How can I get a message from the queue in database 1 on machine 1 to the queue in database 2 on machine 2?

I have tested to use the switch implementation and it works fine and is using the DTC to get distributed transactions between different databases/catalogs.

I’ve read about that the Outbox can be used instead of DTC, but don’t know how to accomplish to publish a message from the queue in database 1 on machine 2 in the nservicebus handle to the endpoint that is on the database 2 on machine 2.

Is this possible at all with the Outbox?

And if not how can it be done in another way?

Hey @filantrop,

I work at Particular Software, makers of NServiceBus.

Would you be interested in setting up a conference call to discuss your questions? The answer is likely quite lengthy. And that way we can also rule out assumptions or misunderstandings (mostly from my part :slight_smile: ). You can set up a call here: