Publishing from Web Applications?


I have a question regarding the topic publishing-from-web-applications in context of load balancing.

Subscription Manager Endpoint is required when using MSMQ Transport because MSMQ requires to put machine name to Endpoint address. Without Subscription Manager Endpoint, Subscriber has to send register subscription message to specific Web instance - Web-1 for example. If Web-1 instance disappears then the message will be stuck in Subscriber Endpoint MSMQ outgoing queue

However using SQL Server Transport, Subscriber sends register subscription message to the central SQL Server Instance so when Web-1 disappears then the Web-2 or any other new created Web instance can process the message and store data in subscription storage meaning that message for registration event won’t be lost.

Is Subscription Manager Endpoint necessary when all Endpoints share subscription storage and share SQL Server Instance for Transport?

I made couple tests and seems that everything works as expected but maybe I miss something.


The Subscription Manager is only required for MSMQ. It’s an oddity due to how messages need to be sent to specific machines in MSMQ with no distributor (so which one do you choose to send the subscription message to?).

If you’re not using MSMQ, it’s fine to scale out without the dedicated Subscription Manager Endpoint.

Hi William,

Thanks for the response.

I wasn’t be sure if using Subscription Manager Endpoint is depends on the selected transport or on the message-driven publish-subscribe mechanic.
Now everything is clear.