Raven Subscriptions: Two Document Collections


(Phil Sandler) #1

We are using RavenDB as subscription storage. I am curious why subscriptions seem to end up in two different collections in the Raven Database:

“Raven-Entity-Name”: “Subscriptions”,
“Raven-Clr-Type”: “NServiceBus.RavenDB.Persistence.SubscriptionStorage.Subscription, NServiceBus.RavenDB”

“Raven-Entity-Name”: “Subscription”,
“Raven-Clr-Type”: “NServiceBus.Persistence.Raven.SubscriptionStorage.Subscription, NServiceBus.Core”,
“Temp-Index-Score”: 10.2520237,
“SerializedSizeOnDisk”: 144

I can’t see any obvious pattern as to why a specific type ends up in one collection vs. the other.

This is not causing us any problems at runtime. We created a simple tool that allows us to clean up subscriptions in RavenDB, and the tool needs to look at both collections in order to query/delete subscription.



(Mauro Servienti) #2

Hi Phil,

If I recall correctly the Subscription one is the legacy format, probably still NServiceBus 4.x, and the pluralized one is the latest.

@DavidBoike am I missing something?


(David Boike) #3

Yep, there was a snafu about collection name conventions between the embedded version in NServiceBus 4 and the external NServiceBus.RavenDB version. Recent versions will analyze what’s in the database already and then save a collection names document to standardize on one convention. But if you have a mix of RavenDB persistence versions touching the same database, you’ll continue to have the old-style documents popping up. I’m curious what combination of versions is touching the database you’re talking about.

(Phil Sandler) #4

It should just be 5.2.14. However, the endpoint was put into production in NSB 4.x (I think 4.6.x) which would explain it?



(David Boike) #5

Yep, that would explain it.