Real-world sample with Sagas

Hi Guys,

Do you have a real-world sample demonstrating the usage of NSB with Sagas, DDD, ES/CQRS somewhere ?


Hi Kamil,

I use NSB Saga for coordinating creation and maintenance GitHub pull requests. I use this kind of functionality for my blog comments engine so it could be a small real-world sample :slight_smile:

You could see the code on Github


I could say that blog engine is the technical solution for the problem domain -> making conversations between readers and writer. Blog engine belongs to some SOA Service/Bounded Context. Saga as a concept represents Aggregate responsible for coordinating request and answer of comment. The Saga implementation class is the Aggregate Root.

I could also say that storing comments in the same HTML (MD) file as blog article is the Read Model which is separate from Saga Data which is the Command Domain Model so this is some kind of CQRS approach.

As of today :slight_smile: this is “My” understanding of all these terms based on knowledge around NSB, Particular Platform, people creating it and people sharing their understanding :slight_smile:

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!