Recoverability methods location?

I want to add exceptions to the Unrecoverable Exceptions. This page Recoverability • NServiceBus • Particular Docs? says to do that like this

var recoverability = endpointConfiguration.Recoverability();

But AddUnrecoverableException does not seem to exist where the example shows in Recoverability.

Where can I locate that method?

Those methods where added in NServiceBus v6, could it be that you are using an older version?

I believe I’m using the correct library.


This method has been added in version 6.2.0, make sure you use at least that version but as fixes have been released it probably is best to run the latest 6.x release which is 6.4.3

It seems our documentation does not mention this on the recoverablity page:

awesome thanks !
I’ll update