Remove unused endpoint instances from ServicePulse configuration


Is there any automated way to remove unused endpoint instances from the ServicePulse configuration?

We’re using endpoints on Azure App Service web jobs with .NET Core, Azure Service Bus, NServiceBus v7.1.10, ServicePulse v1.22.0 and ServiceControl v4.3.3.

The problem is on ServicePulse which is making notifications of heartbeat failures because there have been accumulated hundreds of endpoint instances which are not in use any more. Those endpoints can be clicked off from ServicePulse’s Configuration->Endpoint heartbeats, but that’s very cumbersome to do all the time.

Endpoint instance names are for example:

  • abc1@RD0003FF7DE704 (1 minutes ago)
  • abc1@RD2818786F0DBD (24 hours ago)
  • abc1@RD2818786F5999 (unkown)

This issue might happen because Azure is creating new App Service instances on background and old instances are left behind.

Hi @kpuranen,

No there isn’t any automated way to remove a not anymore used instance from ServicePulse. The problem is that from the ServicePulse point of view there is no way to determine automatically if an instance is not used anymore.

What kind of automation were you thinking about?


Maybe if there’s a REST API or similar which could be used to remove endpoint instances from ServicePulse or ServiceControl configuration and also get endpoints with last heartbeat sent time?

  • Kimmo

ServiceControl issue will address the API needs, once that’s done we’ll be able to release a new version of ServicePulse to provide a UI (