Retried messages stuck 'Queued' in ServicePulse


(Oli) #1

It’s very rare our application ends up with messages in the Failed group, and they tend to replay fine. However, we have a batch process that occasionally leaves us with hundreds of messages in the failed group. Sometimes when we retry either one or two or the whole group, the messages often end up in ‘send messages to retry… (Queued)’ for a long time (maybe an hour) - and we’ve currently got a batch that are stuck after almost a day.

I’m fairly new to NServiceBus and this architecture - is there a way to find out why these messages are pending, or to help shuffle them along?

FWIW, we’re using NServiceBus 5.2, and using ServiceControl 1.42.0 - we plan to upgrade but it has not happened yet.

(Daniel Marbach) #2

Hi Oli,

If you are using ServiceControl 1.42 we would definitely encourage you to upgrade to at least 1.48 for now. We fixed a bunch of issues that should make the retries more stable. You don’t have to upgrade NServiceBus, for now, to benefit from ServiceControl patches. It is sufficient to update ServiceControl.

Once you are on 1.48 it is possible to move to 2.1.x or even 3.1 of ServiceControl (again no NServiceBus upgrade required)


(Oli) #3

Thanks, Daniel. We’ve upgraded to 1.48 and things seem ok, however the Queued messages are still queued - should I just be patient and see if they go through over the next hour or so, or is there something else I should try?

(Daniel Marbach) #4


For clarification. Have they been retried it the UI is just showing them as stuck or are they actually stuck and haven’t been retried?


(Oli) #5

Hi Daniel,
No it looks like they’ve not retried at all, it’s not just a display thing.

(Daniel Marbach) #6

Hi Oli,

Can you send the ServiceControl log files as well as the ServiceControl.exe.config including as much information about the messages as you can (i.ex. are these integration messages, what headers are present…) as well as screenshots of ServicePulse to We can then start investigating this more.


(Oli) #7

Hi Daniel, sure, I will try to send as soon as possible. Is it the logs from DB/logs that you need? The DB itself is a little over 50gb.

(Daniel Marbach) #8

Hi Oli

The logs in the location described in

We don’t need the DB yet